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  • 西班牙搞怪男孩--Jorge


      姓名:Jorge Olmedo Fernández-Caballero Male性别:男国籍:西班牙语言:英语、西班牙语兴趣爱好:喜欢阅读教育书籍喜欢旅行、摄影还有电脑。我最爱的是画画                自荐信:Dear host family, From the day I went to the elementary School, I thought I would be a teacher. My teachers made some lessons very boring, and I felt the need to change that because that is not education, education is laugh, dance, play…It is get fun at the same time that you develop autonomy.  When I was on my first practices like a teacher,in my town, in my school …in that moment I remembered when I had those feelings and I started to learn magic, Photoshop to create histories, dances…I love teaching. I remember too that since I was a child, I wanted to go to China. I really liked Chinese movies, so  many that I imitated them. I used to take a Taichi book from my father to practice its postures  and movements…and the same happened about meditation. With this philosophy I begin this new experience, remembering the mentality when I was an infant but especially in the hope to learn a lot. See you soon. Jorge自荐信:亲爱的寄宿家庭,从我上小学的那一天起,我想我会成为一名老师。我的老师们上课很无聊。我觉得有必要改变这些,因为这不是真正的教育,正真的教育是欢笑,跳舞,玩耍……是在得到乐趣的同时,拥有自由。当我第一次在我的城市,在我的学校尝试当老师的时候,我记得当我拥有了那些感觉,于是我开始学习魔法一般的PS,去创造历史,编排我的舞蹈…我热爱教学。我同样还记得,当我还是个孩子的时候,我就想去中国。我真的很喜欢中国电影,所以我很喜欢模仿他们。我曾经从我父亲那里拿了太极拳书练习的姿势和动作,同样…我也幻想一些事(关于打太极)。伴随着这种想法,我开始了这一新的体验,不忘初心,单页特别希望学到很多东西希望很快能够见到你。乔治

  • 克罗地亚男孩--Vid Mekinić

    克罗地亚男孩--Vid Mekinić

         姓名:Vid Mekinić性别:男国籍:克罗地亚最早来华时间:2016年10月1日最晚来华时间:2016年10月1日语言:英语、克罗地亚语、德语兴趣爱好:足球、橄榄球、羽毛球、篮球;喜欢玩乐器:钢琴、吉他、鼓                      自荐信:Let me say something about myself,as you know my name is Vid and I come from Croatia I am a high school graduate ineconomics and Informatics.When I was in high school i went to Oxford for 2 weeks and got a certificate for a course inintensive English language course with project on economic life in Oxford with a generalclass level 5A intermediate. The course included lessons in grammar, vocabulary andpronunciation to develop skills for spoken and written communication. I also play guitar,piano and have some basic knowledge in drums my passion is drawing, building/makingand learning new things. I am very athletic and enjoy going outdoors and do all kind ofactivities like running biking swimming etc..You could say that I have pretty good experience with children because my sister is livingnext to us with their 2 little daughters my nieces called Ramon which is now 5 and Stelawhich is only 4 months old. I am often the one that picks her up from kindergarten andplays with her while parents are working we love to sing let it go it’s our jam :) :P and doall kinds of crazy things together. I simply adore the little one and enjoy spending time withher.In short that is something about myself if you have any more question feel free to ask andI would be more than happy to answer.  Kind regardsVid自荐信:让我说一些关于我自己的事情。正如你所知我的名字是VID,我来自克罗地亚,我是一个经济学和信息学的高中毕业生。当我在高中的时候,我去牛津大学上了2个星期的课,并获得了一个具有一般性的牛津经济生活项目的英语强化课程的5A级证书。该课程包括语法,词汇和发音,以及口语和书面沟通技能。我也会弹吉他,钢琴,会简单的打鼓,我的喜爱绘画、建筑制作以及学习新事物。我很有运动天赋,喜欢到户外去做各种类型的活动活动,如跑步、骑自行车、游泳等。你可以说我带孩子们很有经验,因为我的姐姐住在一起她有2个小女儿,我的侄女叫拉蒙,现在5岁,还要一个只有4个月大。由于她的父母需要工作,我经常接送她上幼儿园陪她玩耍,我们喜欢一起唱歌做各种疯狂的事情。我很喜欢这个小家伙,喜欢和她相处。总之,这是关于我的一些事,如果你有任何更多的问题,请随时问我,我会很乐意回答。诚挚的问候维德

  • 法国女孩--Emma


      姓名:Emma Louise Girardin  性别:女  国籍:法国  最早来华时间:2016年10月15日  最晚来华时间:2016年11月1日  语言:英语、法语、意大利语  兴趣爱好:  语言和文化旅行:曾去过英国,意大利,埃及,西拔牙,捷克,哥德洛普以及荷兰  运动:滑雪,单板滑雪,健身,舞蹈,羽毛球  文化:电影产业,音乐,展览,手工制作                自荐信:Dear Parents, I always wanted to discover China and become Au pair gives me the opportunity. I am a French citizen, I hold the State Diploma Special Needs Educator, with a Bachelor's degree in Education Science, First Aid certificate and I have repeatedly worked with the age range of 3 to 5 years .I speak French (mother tongue), English (intermediate level) and I have some bases in Italian. I would come to Shanghai.Feel free to contact me if my profile interests you ! See you soon. Emma自荐信:亲爱的家长,我一直梦想能够来到中国体验中国文化,而成为互惠生能够给我这个机会。我是法国人。我考取了国家特殊教育者资格证,拥有教育学学士学位,急救证书,3至5岁的孩子的教育工作经验丰富。我会说法语(法语是我的母语),英语(中级),也有意大利语基础。我想来到上海做互惠生。如果您对我的简历还满意的话,请随时联系我。希望很快能够见到你。艾玛

  • 美国女孩--Talia


    姓名:Talia Price性别:女国籍:美国最早来华时间:2016年9月28日最晚来华时间:2016年11月11日语言:英语、法语兴趣爱好:戏剧表演,视频制作, 旅游, 练瑜伽  乒乓球、拳击、普拉提、徒步旅行                      自荐信:Hello,  My name is Talia Price. I am an American girl who loves to travel and meet new people. I have lived in France, Australia, UK, Poland, and Canada. I am looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your culture. I have been living in Warsaw, Poland since 2012; and while I have been living here I have been teaching English to many different people. I love children and love watching them learn new things.  My main passion in life is traveling and seeing new places. I have visited China before, but I really want to go back and see more of it. I love Chinese food and would like to learn some Mandarin and some Cantonese. Hopefully you can teach me. J I am looking forward to meeting you and your family. Thank youTalia Price自荐信:您好,我叫Talia Price。我是一个美国女孩,喜欢旅行和结识新朋友。我一般住在法国、澳大利亚、英国、波兰和加拿大。我期待着与你见面,并了解你的文化。我从2012岁起就住在华沙的波兰,在这里我一直在教许多不同的人英语。我爱孩子,爱看他们学习新的东西。我在生活中主要激情于旅行,喜欢去看新的地方。我以前来过中国,但我真的很想回来再看看, 学习更多关于它的文化。我喜欢中国菜,想学习一些普通话和一些粤语。希望到时候你能教我。J很期待见到你和你的家人。谢谢你Talia Price

  • 欧蓓互惠生-巴基斯坦MUHAMMAD


    最早来华时间:2016年7月我叫沙南阿萨德,中国朋友都叫我穆萨。我来自山清水秀,有众多优秀科学家与学者,待人友好的地方--巴基斯坦。它并不只是电视上看的充满恐怖主义与腐败政客,里面充满了热爱和平的人们。中巴关系友好。我热爱祖国。我是留学生,来中国两年多了。我去过贵州免费支教。我是穆斯林我不吃猪肉。我是一个有趣的人,不会让你厌烦。我向你保证,会带给你乐趣。This is me Sanan Arshad, my Chinese friends callme Moosa(it’s kinda easier for them to pronounce), my siblings sometimesaddress me by using my nickname which is of course very jolly :P it’s “sunny”and sometimes, they simply address me by my areal name “Sanan” (this happenswhen they’re mad at me :P) . I come from a land of saints, martyrs, mellisonantsingers, pulchritudinous folks, breathtakingly beautiful mountains and valleys,genius scientists and scholars, largest youth population and most welcoming andfriendly people, called PAKISTAN. My country Pakistan is much more than thatwhat you see in your TV screens. It’s not only about terrorism and corruptpoliticians, it’s land full of people who only want peace and love. I assureyou that the thing what you hear and watch on tv are merely a reflection ofsome 0.0000001% ofradicals. Pakistan and China have very strong relationship which is much morethan just a symbiotic one, it’s a relationship of trust, respect, and friendship.People in Pakistan cherish this friendship. I’m patriot and I always put mycountry before me. Anyways, I’m an overseas student and I’ve been studying herein China since February 2014. It’s been a great time period, I made a lot offriends, met a lot of amazing+annoying people. I went to Guizhou in lastvacations to teach poor kids(for free of course ) :). Now, I’m really willingto spend my next vacations with you guys. I don’t know whether it’s gonna besmention it here or not but here it is...I am a muslim and I don’t eat certainkind of foods; pork. I can eat mutton, chicken, fish, beef, vegetables etc.. I’m a fun loving guy and I won’t let you get bored in my company. I don’t judgeanyone at all :) and I expect the same. One should never be judged atall(specially not on the basis of race,country or color). That’s it I guess. Ipromise you, we’re gonna have a blast !!! And by blast I mean FUN LOL

  • 欧蓓互惠生-波兰Adam


    我叫 Adam,差不多26岁了,来自波兰,在上海有八个月了。我还拥有法国国籍,法语也是我的第二母语,此外我还有一口流利的英语,汉语也基本的了解。尽管知道上海,但我希望更多的发现本地文化,因此想与中国家庭建立联系。我兴趣广泛,喜欢历史、旅游、游戏。我也想知道更多关于各个国家的文化和传统。我也是一个积极的人,诚实、真诚、有耐心,乐于助人。我的梦想是开始一个新的家庭照顾孩子,这对我来说会是一个很好的经历。Myname is Adam, I'm almost 26 years old, I come from Poland. I'm in Shanghai for8 months, I've been also for vacation before. Due to the fact that I have alsoFrench nationality and French is my second mother tongue. Moreover, I speakfluent English and I know the basics of the Chinese language. Although I knowShanghai, I wish to discover  China and the local culture, that's why Iwould like to be in contact with a Chinese family.I have many interests, as I said, like history, about which I can talk for manyhours, traveling and tourism - I would like to know more about the cultures andtraditions of individual countries.I am also a man who has a positive attitude, sociable, honest, sincere, patient and helpful.Inaddition, my dream is to start a new family so childcare would be a goodexperience for me.上海欧蓓文化传播有限公司(国际互惠生上海联络中心)地址:杨浦区黄兴路1728号(东方蓝海国际广场)2号楼1110-1111室网址:www.obaupair.comTel:4000363539/4007756269021-35352225/021-35352226Fax:021-35352225手机:13681996115/18917620866Email:sunny@oubeiaupair.com

  • 欧蓓互惠生-玻利维亚Isabel


    最早来华时间:2016年6月最晚来华时间:2016年12月来华时长:12个月      Hello,dear family  I want to thank you for your time and also say it would be amazing to be part of your family, help you and learn about their culture and language that interest me a lot and at the same time that I would be useful to expand my knowledge, if you accept I will do my best to take care of his / her child / children and I will put all my effort and I will be responsible with all tasks assigned to me, I hope to meet you soon. I wish you have a nice day.I'll be waiting for your answer, I say goodbye.Isabel Alejandra Loza Loza.   您好,亲爱的家庭  首先谢谢您们百忙之中抽出空看我的申请信,能成为你们家庭的一员真的是太棒了,我很感兴趣能够帮助您们做家务以及学习您们的文化来扩充我的知识。如果亲爱的家庭你们会接受我的话我会尽我最大的努力去照顾好孩子,我会努力完成您们交给我的所有任务,希望能尽快和您们见面,最后祝愿您们有美好的一天。期待您们的回信,再见。Isabel Alejandra Loza Loza. 

  • 欧蓓互惠生-英国Laura


    最早来华时间:2016年7月最晚来华时间:2016年10月1号来华时长:3个月Dear family,  Nice to meet you! I’m Laura, an 18 year old student from England. I want to become an Au Pair to immerse myself in a new culture and improve my language abilities. I have been studying Chinese for years, but I find myself unable to progress due to my lack of first-hand experience and confidence while speaking. I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time, but I feel that if I may become unsure how to spend my time whilst visiting as I would like to visit for a longer than I usually spend in other countries, due to the distance, which is why I want to do Au Pair.  I love spending time with children, because it is rewarding to see them progress and grow.   I don't mind any visiting date from July until September, but I must return to England at the end of September/beginning of October, this is non-negotiable.  I’m a creative person who loves challenges, which is why I want to be an Au Pair. In October, I will start my undergraduate degree in Computer Science, which includes a year studying abroad. Currently, I am studying Computing, Law, and Health and Social Care at Birkenhead Sixth Form College at advanced level, which I will graduate from this year. One of my hobbies is developing games, and I have made 4 games to date, two of which have been released on the google play store and windows store. I am currently working on two additional game development projects at the moment. Another of my hobbies is learning Mandarin. I have been learning for 7 years now, and entered various competitions within England, representing my high school, but would like to improve further by visiting China and first hand practising. I have also worked as an English tutor for foreign students studying in the UK. I would teach them new vocabulary, phrases and grammar, and practice with them through conversation, also including some cultural teaching, so if you want me to help you or your children learn English, I don’t mind helping.Best regardLaura  亲爱的家庭,你好! 很高兴见到你!我叫Laura,我18岁。我是英国人, 我很喜欢旅行。 我是大学生,我现在学Computer Science. 。我想去中国学普通话。我学了中文很多年,但是我没去过中国。我有三个妹妹,还有三个哥哥。10年来,我照顾我的妹妹们. 9月我打算来中国,我很想见面你。我希望我们会能成为好朋友。来中国当互惠生,我会很好的融入新的家庭和新的文化当中,我会和您的孩子成为好朋友,叫他们英语而且用英语和他们交流。期待与我的新家庭快快见面。最好的祝愿Laura 

  • 苏格兰-Bethany Thomson

    苏格兰-Bethany Thomson

    最早来华时间:2016年6月中旬来华时长:6个月 Dear family, Hello!My name is Bethany Thomson and I am looking for a host family in China. I am 17 years old and I am taking a gap year before going to University to study International Business and Spanish. I am very passionate about languages and would love to learn some new ones as well as learning about and experiencing a new culture. I have a younger sister who I love to look after and play with. I am very friendly and love to play, sing, dance, bake, swim and have fun! I am looking for a nice welcoming family to show me round the sights of China and introduce me to new experiences. I hope that you consider me as I would love to take on this opportunity as I love meeting new people and trying something new. Best regardBethany Thomson 亲爱的家庭,您们好!我的名字叫Bethany Thomson,我想要找一个中国家庭。我今年17岁了,在去大学学习国际贸易与西班牙语之前我有一年空闲的时间。我对学习语言充满热情,我想要学习一些新的语言当然还有学习和体验新的文化。我有一个妹妹,我很喜欢照顾她陪她玩。我很友好,爱跳舞,唱歌,游泳,做面包和玩耍。我想要找一个很友好的家庭可以带我去参观一下中国的景点,给我介绍新的体验活动。我希望家庭可以考虑一下我,我会珍惜这次机会因为我喜欢结交新朋友以及尝试新事物。最好的祝福Bethany Thomson


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